No two processes in brand management are alike. Which is simply due to the fact that no companies or market situations are alike. However, despite all the differences, the actual tasks are often the same:

  • Including employees
  • Identifying the status quo
  • Developing a strategy 
  • Increasing the brand value


What are the specific criteria that define a customer’s decision?
What are the USPs of your own portfolio? Do the two fit each other?
How has the competition positioned itself? How do customers see the brand – and how do the employees see it?
Where are the differences and where are the similarities?

At first, many customers are convinced that they know the answers to these questions.
But the more specific the questions get, the more knowledge is replaced by estimation.
A structured process provides facts – and rather often surprising results:

• Decision-making behaviour of customers in the jumble of motives and emotions
• Positioning of competition
• Brand image among customers and employees

•Development of unique selling points (USPs)
•Development of transfer to customer benefits (e. g. hard facts from facts, soft facts from values)
• Development of brand core
• Mission statement
• Communication strategy


We are sure: The knowledge that is required for a process of change is actually at hand in companies. The task now is to “set it free”. This is where the involvement of employees plays a central role. For lasting, authentic change must come from within. We steer and accompany this process.



We use methods that are put together individually depending on the task at hand. The important aspect here is the fact that we have often used these methods very successfully in the past. We know what they make possible, are masters of their implementation, and can thus provide the assurance of reliably achieving the set objectives.


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